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Asbestos testing Edinburgh.


Asbestos testing Edinburgh.

Asbestos testing Edinburgh strongly recommends our independent artex and asbestos testing for you to undertake asbestos sample and testing. 

Asbestos testing home kits

We do not undertake asbestos removal. As well as having sufficient experience, knowledge and training ATG Edinburgh have  independence.  impartiality and integrity.

artex testing Edinburgh

Artex and Asbestos Testing Edinburgh.

ATG Asbestos Testing Edinburgh are one of the few truly independent asbestos sample testing companies in Edinburgh.

ATG  are not affiliated with asbestos removal contractors.

You can therefore be assured that we act entirely on your behalf.  We have no other motive than the best interests of the client, thereby eliminating any conflict of interests.

artex testing - Edinburgh. scotland

Artex testing for asbestos in Edinburgh.

The presence of asbestos in Artex or other parts of your property alone does not necessarily mean removal needs to be undertaken.

More often than not asbestos-containing materials can be monitored and managed and remedial action taken to reduce any risks and cost to a reasonable level.

ATG also offers individual asbestos testing for plastering and decorating contractors and sampling in Edinburgh to establish the presence of asbestos within Artex suspect materials. 

This service can provide definitive identification of suspect materials for householders.  we will provide you with a UKAS accredited laboratory certification to confirm if asbestos content is present.

asbestos testing - Edinburgh.

Asbestos testing Edinburgh offers business and residential clients get the same great rate.

Results are available 24-48 hours following sampling, allowing you to deal with any emergencies quickly and safely.

Asbestos testing home kits

We will even give you advice at no additional cost – it’s all part of our friendly, professional service to our valued clients.

.            Asbestos was used in thousands of products for a whole range of uses, so which specific products and building materials contain asbestos historically?

Here, we have compiled a list of some of the most common asbestos products with information relating to each.

Artex Adhesives
Bonding Cement Cement
Duct Adhesive Fibrous Adhesive
Glasgow south Decorating Contractor Furnace Cement
Plaster Glasgow South Mastics
Painters and Decorators Glasgow Sealer
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